A simple compatibility library for the *inspector-hook* for CDR-6.

This project is maintained by yitzchak


A simple compatability library for *inspector-hook* of CDR-6.


A single symbol *inspector-hook* is exported from the trivial-inspector-hook package that follows the sematics of CDR-6. This is symbol is also available via the package nicknames of tih and inspector-hook.

If the current lisp implementation supports CDR-6 then :cdr-6 and :inspector-hook will be present in *features*.

Supported Implementations

Recent versions of ABCL, ACL, CCL, CLASP, ECL, Mezzano, and SBCL all support CDR-6 in some way. If the implemntation exports a symbol with a different name other than *inspector-hook* then a function is installed the implementation’s hook that calls trivial-inspector-hook:*inspector-hook* if set.